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" The Dah Chong Hong Group is committed to contributing to the economic growth of the Asia-Pacific region by becoming a market leader in all the businesses in which it operates, with a primary emphasis on its core trading, distribution and service enterprises."

We at Dah Chong Hong have made enormous strides since we were founded in 1946 as a modest general import/export company with the guiding principle "To Upgrade the Local Society's Living Standards".

Today we are a highly diversified business group with substantial and growing interests in five core business area - motor trading, food, electrical appliances, cosmetics, building services and materials.

We are also an integral part of the publicly-listed conglomerate CITIC Pacific Limited; firmly based in Hong Kong with overseas subsidiaries in Japan, Singapore, Canada and China.

The Dah Chong Hong Group is therefore building on the foundations of its past successes and is set to further underline its position as one of the world's leading trading and distribution companies.

Vancouver Downtown

Dah Chong Hong (Canada) Limited represents the Group's Initial foothold in the huge North American market.

Our company was established in 1984 as an import/export agency, automobile dealership and real estate investment vehicle.

Subsidiary DCH Motors Ltd, also know as Richmond Acura, was the first company to be awarded the dealership for the full line of Acura models in 1985 and is the leading volume seller of Acura cars in Canada.

Dah Chong Hong (Canada) has invested in real estate, building a 22,000 square feet facility on a 110,000 square feet block bought as its own office building and motor vehicle showroom.